Angel Checking In

Hello Friends
Many of you know at 10 and 3/4 years old and three legs, I am Semi-Retired.

BUT,  My human bought me a cart so I can visit the hospitals occasionally.

I still get around very well on grass and surfaces that aren’t slick. I also swim almost every day. I miss the staff and other therapy animals and nurses, but my human says it is too dangerous for me to risk a hurt leg.

Last week I got to make a Halloween visit to ICU. This is me in my cart.  It was very much fun.

We hope to do more visits this holiday season.

This is my cousin, Livy Fly Dog, who is a Novice Therapy Dog. I am teaching her everything I know, so she will follow in my paw steps and do really great work. She loves to work too.

Love to All,