Back To Work

After our amazing holiday season, I started back to work this week.

I was delighted to work with my familiar Pet Therapy friends at the Memory Center and the Assisted Care Facility. I visited my regular residents and received plenty of treats.

There is a truly, nice Finch cage and a super Aquarium at the Assisted Care Facility that I absolutely adore.

We took a light break after our rounds. There were only four of us today, so we exerted ourselves a little extra. My human says “a little extra” is called lagniappe.

 Lagniappe is a Cajun word which means, a little extra blessing.

So working hard is a really fine thing.


Before work, we stopped by the French Alliance and visited my God human and my God siblings, Boone and Shiloh.

Boone is a puppy. He is 5 months old. I hope he learns to speak French like the rest of us. He gave me numerous kisses. He is a joyful puppy.


Now it is time for sleep.

Sweet Dreams.




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