36 Rainbows

Today was one of those fantastic days I will always remember.

I was invited to join a new Therapy Dog Group. This group is much smaller than the group I also work with, Faithful Paws. The new group is called Peace, Love and Therapy Dogs.

My first visit with Peace Love and Therapy Dogs was at a school for very special children called The School for Young Children. It was such a cheerful and wonderful place. We were greeted by the director of the school who led us up some stairs to a room to wait for the children.

Thirty-six children came into the room all dressed in six different colors. The kids sat in rows and resembled a beautiful rainbow.

One other therapy dog joined me and he was called Hud. Hud is a Jack Russell Terrier. His human is named Stephanie and she is a dog trainer.


Our humans talked about our work and about our histories. We patiently waited to anticipate good treats ahead.

Yes, it was true. We did all of our obedience and all of our special tricks and at the end, thirty-six children filed by to pet us and give us each thirty-six treats. (Okay, They were treats broken into small bits. My human always does that to fool me, but I am hip to that.)

Still, it was glorious and I was super impressed by Hud who is the most entertaining man dog ever.

Thanks, Peace Love and Therapy Dogs.

Glad to be aboard.




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