Road Angel

This past weekend I went on a road trip with my human and her punk rock band, Mydolls. I shared the back seat with two guitars, but even so, I had a great amount of room.


Since I was on vacation, I didn’t wear my vest. I wore a pink t-shirt.

At the start, we drove to Austin where my human was playing in a music club. I have been visiting  Austin since I was a wee puppy. We have two dear friends there that I am absolutely crazy in love with.

On the the highway, we saw a rainbow around the setting sun. This photo does not capture the colors, but it was magnificent.

I felt magic was in the air.


When we arrived and  I saw our friends with their two dogs, Nicky and Sophie, I went Koo-Koo. I was naughty. I  jumped in their pool first thing. It was very cold outside and no one was happy about this, but everyone was laughing anyway.

This is my second home and I just couldn’t restrain myself.  I was overjoyed to stay with our amigas, wrapped in a snug towel and watch TV.

The next day we drove to Bryan, Texas to play at a smaller club. The music club was super.  They had flaming fire pits and an impressive outdoor space that I visited after Mydolls finished playing.  We stayed in a hotel which had Cable TV and Animal Planet. It was very cozy too.

Everyone at the club and the hotel wanted to pet me and know all about me.

I watched one of the bands from the back of the room on a soft couch for a little while.


It is cool being a punk rock road dog as well as a therapy dog.

Love, Angel


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