Miracle on a Freeway

Dear Friends,

One week ago my Human and I were traveling on the SW Freeway to Memorial Hermann SW for our therapy pet work. We encountered a beautiful golden dog running across the freeway who was very frightened.

What happened next, we will never forget. This scared boy jumped from the highest railing about 30 feet to the concrete below.

We stopped and put our emergency flashers on the car and drove up to the top of the overpass where the dog had jumped off. My human got out of our car risking the speeding traffic and peered over the railing.

Below, lay an injured golden dog and he was still alive. He was wagging his tail unable to move, but trying to lift his head. He was in severe danger lying in the turning lane.

My Human quickly got back in the car and drove around the exits and down the feeder to get to him.

When we got there some cars were stopped and a few people were standing around calling on their cell phones for help, but my human knew no one would come help. She knew we were the help.

“I moved him to the sidewalk out of the turning lane.” said a man who was standing by also calling on his cell phone for help. We wondered if they were calling 911.

Another woman ran toward us and told us she saw the dog hit by two cars before he jumped. One of the women, who was still holding her phone to her ear had laid a pashmina scarf over the dog’s head like he was dead. However, this miraculous dog surprisingly was still alive and looking at us through the fringe of the scarf, his eyes pleading, “Help me.”

So my human asked the man to help her get him into our car. They laid the golden boy in the back of our SUV and I peered over the seat to let him know he wasn’t alone.  He was bleeding from his mouth and we thought he may have internal injuries.

He tried to raise his head to me. We kept talking to him as we sped down the freeway, telling him he was safe now.

As we drove him to my veterinarian’s office, my Human was thinking he may have to be euthanized, because how could anyone survive being hit by two cars and then jumping off such a high place?

The Vet techs at our clinic were waiting outside for us and they rushed him in to be X-rayed and examined and checked for a microchip. They gave him something for pain.

He had no tag and no chip. He was wearing a spiked collar.

After about 20 minutes, the vets came out to the waiting room and said that they wanted to give him 24 hours to see if he could recover.

The blood coming from his mouth was from biting his lip and the inside of his mouth was very red and scratched and his head was swollen.  We suspected he landed on his head. One rib was cracked and he had a problem with his spine. There was swelling, but no fracture.


It was a miracle that he was living.


He couldn’t walk and was under a lot of sedation and pain meds for the next three days and by Saturday, he began to eat and walk and pee and poop. The Veterinarian thinks he is from 2- 4 years old.


We found out today he needs to be neutered and that he has heartworms and some physical rehab. He is still dragging his back legs a bit and walks crooked, but I could teach him how to use his legs. I, after all, have three legs and I am an expert at these things.

One of our friends volunteered to foster him and several people want to adopt this magical dog.

Also, his foster Human visited him today and he even went out to pee. He is looking so much better. His foster gave him a lot of scratches and cuddles and he felt so happy.

The veterinarian named him Theodore and they call him Teddy.

Te’ adore sounds like “I adore you” in Spanish and Theodore means “A Gift from God” which he certainly is.

We already love him very much.


So many people on Facebook heard about Teddy’s jump and began to give money to our veterinarian for his health care.



Teddy gets to go to his foster home next Friday, but he has to go back to the vet in two weeks to be neutered, then back for his heartworm treatment.

This way the veterinarians can monitor his progress.

Please send love and good will to this boy’s recovery.

He has taught us to never give up on a miracle.

Thank you Universe for your goodness.






Donations Accepted:

Call West Alabama Animal Clinic


Reference: Trish Herrera

Dog: Theodore

One thought on “Miracle on a Freeway

  1. Hey Angel.
    Does Teddy still need money for his treatments? Please let me know and I’ll get some money to your human. Good job!


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