Fly Little Angel Fly

Dear Friends,

Theodore (AKA Teddy), our Miracle boy that we saved from the freeway passed to Heaven today.

This past weekend he was feeling poorly, so we took him to the vet on Friday.

This morning, we realized he had a blood clot due to his injuries that traveled to his lungs and heart and he died of cardiac arrest.

He had so much grace and gave us all so much hope and taught us to believe in Miracles.

Please never give up on miracles and hope.

Thank you to all the people who loved him and helped him. He inspired us for the last few weeks and now our lesson is in acceptance.

He filled us all with love.

He will always be in  all of our hearts. He belonged to everyone who loved him.
We are so grateful and lucky to have known him.

We are all very, very sad, but we know he’s in good hands with the Angels.

We visited Teddy after he passed away this morning, and said good-bye.
Dr. Brandt, Teddy’s vet @ West Alabama Animal Clinic is having Teddy cremated and she will be spreading his ashes in a field where he can run and play with all his four legs healthy and free.

One of the vet techs said.”Teddy needed a stronger body because he had a good strong heart and spirit and this broken one just wouldn’t do.”

We hope you come back to us one day, Teddy.
Thank you for being in our lives.
We will love you forever.

and Trish


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