Tales of A Therapy Dog Book Review by J.Antonio Helm

Tales of A Therapy Dog Book Review by J.Antonio Helm

Tales of a Therapy Dog tells the story of a unique therapy dog named Angel, a Golden Retriever born with three legs and one eye. The Veterinarian advised her owner, a breeder, MS Barbra to euthanize the puppy—because, of Angel’s disabilities, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Angel is a puppy, spared through kindness. Adopted by a compassionate and loving woman, Angel matures into a special therapy dog, who would be honored, as official therapy dog of Houston, By Mayor Annise Parker
The story of Angel Since her birth on a Texas ranch missing a leg and an eye, this is a story is about defying expectations. Angel who grew to become an outstanding therapy dog. Perchance Angel is so effective because she is different. So children and patients of all ages see a commonality; they feel her love
Told from the perspective of Angel, with, illustrations, that advance story and are quite well done. This glimpse at a therapy dog changing lives for the better. A dog that was not able to hunt, or be shown, as was expected of the breed. Angel did something much more important than retrieving birds or, having perfect genes.


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