The Rain

Dear Friends,

A hurricane came to our home and it rained for 4 days.

I was very sad to see so many people losing their homes and some lost their lives, too.

The courage of many heroes is every where.  I am so proud of our city and the heart and determination of all. Many were rescued and saved.

Hurricane Harvey left us broken, but we did not leave each other.

Someone said, “There is more love than rain in Houston.”

My human says “We will Rise, Angel” and she is right because today we visited the children and expectant mothers at Memorial Hermann Hospital. There was an empty feeling in the usually busy hospital. However, the patients and nurses and doctors, ENT’s, and workers at the hospital were really happy to see us and we had a wonderful time. The promise of new born babies and the gentle touch of the children gave us hope.

I am so glad to be back at work.

I love being a Therapy Dog.

We love you Houston.
Many many many blessings and love,
From Angel

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