Thank You, Houston

Dear Friends,

After Hurricane Harvey hit our city we have been gathering our Houston spirit.

Our Astros winning the World Series was epic . To all of our heroes who graced us with their hard work no matter how small, we say,  “Thanks.”



Every year ride we on the Houston City Council Float with my beloved Houston City Council Members.


This year the Thanksgiving Day Parade honored Mattress Mack who helped house so many evacuees during the storm.


Also, our friend Jim Kanan built a huge Aligator Gar Float in honor of the Cajun Navy who tirelessly saved so many lives from the flood.


It’s just been an amazing day.

Thank you all for your love and your commitment and your bravery.

Much love,

From Angel


Kids from Miri Piri Academy with Angel.


Angel with Waltrip High School Marching Band.



We heard people calling my name, “Angel, Angel, Angel,” and we turned around and it was the theatre and music kids from HSPVA who recognized me from a visit to their school.



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