Welcome Home Livy


Dear Friends,
Happy Holiday Time.

Angel and I have some exciting news to share. We have welcomed a new family member, a Golden Retriever puppy named Alpenglow Olivia Angelique, also known as Livy.

Livy’s name is an homage to Olivia Langdon Clemens, who was married to Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) and was a strong influence in his writing. Her nickname was Livy. Livy had an educational background in English, and Sam Clemens was a rough-and-tumble man who needed some polishing around the edges. So Livy made Sam’s work wonderful, and together they created an amazing legacy. With this name choice, we honor all the great women who stood behind great men and supported them, who weren’t allowed to stand next to them either by government or society. We honor their silent, powerful work.

Our puppy’s second name, Angelique, is Angel‘s formal AKC name. Angel was bred at River Ranch, which is a famous kennel known for its working dogs. Livy was born to Alpenglow Kennels in the Heights in Houston, Texas. For all of you skiers and mountain enthusiasts, Alpenglow means the red light on the mountains at dawn. These Goldens are reddish in color. The original hunting dog from Scotland was quite red, but Goldens range from dark red to white.

Livy’s father Rusty is Angel’s uncle, an eight-time national champion hunter. So Angel and Livy are first cousins. Livy’s mother is a descendant of California Emberain, Ticket, also a champion working dog.

Our goal is to teach Livy to become a therapy dog like Angel. Livy, the little therapy dog novice, will be learning a lot from Faithful Paws and Believe In Dog Therapy.

On December 16, we will take our first family photo with the acclaimed photographer Robyn Arouty. Seriously, check her work out. She is one in a million. We are doing a 30-minute session for $200, and a percentage of this will be donated to local pet rescues. Robyn also took Angel’s headshot that we use for her therapy dog work. Genius.

I have been preparing our house and arranging puppy classes with Stephanie Bennet at Believe in Dog Training. I am also excited to announce that Angel, Houston’s Official Therapy Dog, has earned the highest honor as an AKC Therapy Dog: Distinguished. I am so proud of her work and what an amazing dog she is. I hope that Livy will learn from Angel and follow in her paw steps.

Angel and I would like to thank West Alabama Animal Clinic and Dr. Danielle Rosser,  a lover of Goldens, who has been our greatest ally and the best veterinarian ever for all our dogs.

As you know, I started a Golden Retriever rescue in 2002 called Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston. I also support and have worked for Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston  I encourage you to make a donation to these special organizations this holiday season. Please also consider supporting Houston’s forgotten friends and also help reduce the homeless pet population by donating to BARC and SNAP, which provides low-cost spay and neuter services.

Holiday Toy Drive

Every year, Angel and I host an annual toy drive. We collect stuffed toys for the Richmond State Supported Living Center (formerly known as the Richmond State School). The center houses around 400 residents ranging from babies to adults over 50 with disabilities. We participate by donating simple, small stuffed toys to a holiday party, which is organized by Reva Williams who has a Therapeutic petting zoo and also planned by our cousin Jerry Herrera, who supplies juice boxes, cupcakes, and T-shirts. This is a fun holiday event and we feel so honored to be of service and bring a little joy to the residents.

If you’d like to donate a gift, please drop off any small stuffed toys (without hard eyeballs or moving parts, which could cause harm and no beanies, stuffing preferred) to Wavelength Salon. You can drop your donation off on our screened porch anytime. Just place the items on a chair or bring them in when you’re getting your hair work. If you want to go an extra step, you can wrap the gift in a simple piece of tissue paper and scotch tape–a simple wrapping that the residents can open easily. Thanks to anyone willing to donate!

Livy, the rebel rouser, at 3 weeks old.

Livy meets her first cousin, Angel.

Livy meets her godmother, Joanie Patrick, executive director of Alliance Française de Houston.

Angel has received the highest honor as an AKC Therapy Dog: Distinguished.
Revisit her video by Memorial Hermann.

So much joy.

Happy Holidays and much love,
Trish, Angel and Livy

Angel Therapy Dog Gifts

Need a thoughtful and therapeutic Christmas gift? Our Angel stuffed toy and book, Tales of a Therapy Dog, are available at the salon, on Angel’s site, and at The Book Patch.

Our Story

Broken Woman Mural

Angel Toy

Ghost of Me Mural

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