My Cousin Livy



Dear Friends,

My cousin Livy received an invitation to the USA National Eukanuba Dog Show

December 14-16, 2018 in Orlando, Florida as a North American Dock Diving Dog.44876457_10212793461300552_605870240215072768_nShe has been training with trainer, Michele Scarantino at Houston Dog Ranch since August and as a first time diver, Livy is amazing. I am so proud of her.

Livy is #18 of the 166 Golden Retrievers, and she is #233 out of the 699 of competing North American Dogs.

Her personal best distance dive is 22.6 feet. She is a “Natural.”IMG_0588

Our Human and I are raising funds for our one-year old genius fly dog, Livy, to attend the National 2018 Dog Show.

Here is a link if you choose to contribute: GO FUND ME

Livy now has a Senior Dock AKC title, a Master Dock AKC title and a CGC which qualifies her as a Faithful Paws Therapy Dog like me.IMG_3503

I love my little cousin so much.






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